Granite Flooring In Mississauga Homes

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Why Choose Granite?

The increased popularity of granite flooring for Mississauga homes is a direct result of the stone's practical and aesthetic advantages. Granite conveys strength and prestige in a way that few floor coverings can. It is also durable and ideal for high-traffic areas like halls, kitchens and bathrooms.
But the stone also has personality. No granite floor will ever be exactly like the next one and even the samples you choose from at your retailer won't be quite the same as the stone or stone tiles that you eventually have installed. They won't be perfectly smoothed but will have a wonderful texture. Remember – it's the overall look you are going for, and not a floor where everything matches.

Granite Tiles or Solid Granite

On balance, it is probably better to go with granite tiles in your kitchen. Tiles have a number of benefits that may outweigh the added cachet of solid granite.
Granite tiles are a blend of minerals and are less costly that granite, but still of high quality and boasting great longevity and durability. Tiles also have been mass produced and, unlike stone, can be uniform in width and link, even when they are imprecisely matching in colour and pattern.
Granite tiles are sawn on both sides and then polished or finished on the facing-up side, so that they have a uniform thickness. Variations in tile thickness can be handled by adjusting the mortar until each part of the tile is equal.
Some stone tiles –such as polished granite – are slippery when wet, a consideration in kitchen and (especially) bathroom use. Stone tiles with a sandblasted or honed surface will be more slip resistant.
The hardness of natural stone tiles varies. Softer stone, such as limestone, is not suitable for heavy-traffic floor areas. On the other hand, granite is perfect for a busy environment.
Like granite itself, granite tiles can be stained by spilled liquids. The tiles are porous and must be sealed and resealed periodically. Stone floor tiles are also heavier than ceramic tiles and before installation may require subflooring. On the other hand, granite tiles are also much easier to install than solid granite, and easier to install around existing walls or obstacles. If the configuration of the kitchen changes in later years, it is no problem to pull them up and readjust the flooring. They are easily replaced.

Cleaning Your Floors

Sand, grit and dirt can damage natural stone surfaces, as they are abrasives. A vacuum cleaner will work on a textured floor but tough bristles may scratch the flooring. Most homeowners use an old-fashioned dust mop, broom or wet mop. Mats should be placed in entry areas to collect dirt before it reaches the floor.
Damp mopping stone floors works fine and a dealer may recommend special cleaners. Spills should be wiped up immediately using soap, and not detergent. Abrasives and ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided, as they will dull the floors lustre.

Buy From Someone Who Cares

The prestige and lure of stone is as much a draw for retailers as it is for consumers. When you are looking for granite flooring for your Mississauga home, go to a specialty retailer. Find a family operation where the love of stone – and not drive for profit-making – is the guiding principle.